Bobs Jottings, from your caretaker Chairman

I thought that we might have a break from the normal camera club business and perhaps add a bit of whimsy to the mix. So here is my thought for the moment.

An old friend of mine emailed me the other day to query why the new CanIkon digital camera will ONLY take about 350 shots per charge and he wondered if this was true of all mirrorless digital cameras. In other words, those cameras that rely on an EVF (Electronic ViewFinder) and an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen. I assured him that was the case for a great many of these smaller cameras without a whacking great mirror.

I explained that I had two Fujifilm bodies, and both took about 350 shots with a fresh battery and I also had a spare one giving a total of 1,050 shots. If I turned off the LCD, engaged eco mode (whatever that might be) and only shot jpgs. I could double that.

Now let’s go back to the pre-bronze age. What camera did you use. A Kodak Sportsman (no women in those days) which my sister used or how about a Kodak Autographic; one of which I proudly own (google it).

The most practical of these old cameras that I still possess is a Zeiss Ikon , which took 12 shots on 120 film. In other words, the negative was 6cm square (actually 56mm X 56mm). How many shots did I take in a day. Well, for one thing it was expensive to run, another was the difficulty in taking the picture and getting it correctly exposed, then you had to develop the film and eventually print it. So all in all maybe 6. With transparencies maybe I would shoot a roll a week. On holiday perhaps 5 rolls. I was astonished when another member of the club (older and wiser) said that he shot 10 rolls of film on a fortnights holiday. 10 rolls, what extravagance!  Anyway, my annual rate was therefore 24/36 exposures a week on average plus maybe 5 rolls on holiday that’s approximately 1,500 or rounding off to the nearest whole number (as my maths master used to say) 4 pictures a day.  

So let’s think about that for a moment, I potentially now have the opportunity to shoot 2,000 pictures a day compared to 4 pictures a day. Have we moved on or is it quantity rather than quality. Answers on the back of a £1 note if you can find one.