Chairmans Notes - 3rd September 2019

A very warm welcome to previous members and guests on this, the first evening of the 2019-2020 season.


We have, at last, replaced our old projector with a new Canon XEED WUX500. We expect this to provide a marked improvement in projected image quality.

Please note that the native (or basic) resolution of the new projector is 1920 x 1200 px. and therefore, we can now accept image files for PDI (Projected Digital Image) competition entries up to this maximum resolution, which may provide a little extra, especially for portrait format.

Don’t forget that when you are submitting a digital file for either a PDI competition entry or the digital copy of a print entry (which must be submitted together with all prints), the file name must use the following convention:

Photographer Name%Your Picture Title

Please keep the title to less than 50 characters (inc. spaces).

 Up-coming exhibitions and competitions

This is always a busy time of year as the Club’s Annual Exhibition is approaching and next Tuesday (10th Sep) is the final hand-in deadline for entries, which is also the hand-in deadline for entries for Round 1 of the Club Competition. 

There are now 2 other exhibitions taking place that are not competitive and serve solely to showcase the work of club members.

The entry form for the Annual Exhibition is available on the website (fee £1.00 per entry to cover costs).

The Club Constitution and Competition Rules contain full information on the Exhibition and Club Competition. An updated and revised version, which will hopefully be easier to use, will be available on the website in a few days

Sabrina 5 Barge

As part of the Gloucester History Festival, the National Waterways Museum, Gloucester Docks will be open free of charge on Sat 14th and Sun15th September from 10.30 am – 5.00 pm. The Club has been given the opportunity to display our work (prints and PDIs) on the theme ‘Power and the People’.

We need your images by next week, please and require volunteers to supervise and set up the exhibition, so please let us know if you can help.

Get Free Books – Charity Shop

This is an on-going exhibition of prints, which should be locally themed, and is set in the shop window (with prints facing both inside and outside) on the corner of Westgate St and College Court (where the Beatrix Potter shop is located).

Please let us have your prints for display. Let us know if you would be willing to occasionally help maintain the display.

If you can visit the shop, please take along some book donations if possible.

Next week’s club evening will commence at the normal time of 7.30pm. Doors open at 7.00pm.

7pm Start time for first evening of the season

To allow additional time for members to pay their subscriptions, for new members to complete membership forms and so that we can welcome visitors and potential new members, we have decided to start the first evening of the season at 7pm.

Look forward to seeing you on 3rd September.

The Committee

Ron Poppleton Retrospective - 9th October Evening

Ron Poppleton was a member of Gloucester Camera Club for many years. He was a dyed in the wool darkroom worker. Producing wonderful atmospheric landscapes and beautiful portraits. This club evening sees a retrospective of his pictures with comments from Keith Cooper and Martin Cooper. The pictures will be for sale afterwards. If you want to view amazing landscapes do come along and gaze in awe what was possible with a few chemicals and a bit of silver nitrate.

Entertaining Evening with Oliver Herbold

We must thank Oliver Herbold for his interesting and informative lecture on the 2nd October about long exposure photography. All those who attended will be  keen to try out his techniques which were so comprehensively explained with great enthusiasm. At the same time we were given a feast of images from German fairy tale castles to Norwegian Fiords and even Gloucester Docks.

For those who want to find out more, take a look at his website.

Copyright Oliver Herbold

Copyright Oliver Herbold

Bobs Jottings, from your caretaker Chairman

I thought that we might have a break from the normal camera club business and perhaps add a bit of whimsy to the mix. So here is my thought for the moment.

An old friend of mine emailed me the other day to query why the new CanIkon digital camera will ONLY take about 350 shots per charge and he wondered if this was true of all mirrorless digital cameras. In other words, those cameras that rely on an EVF (Electronic ViewFinder) and an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen. I assured him that was the case for a great many of these smaller cameras without a whacking great mirror.

I explained that I had two Fujifilm bodies, and both took about 350 shots with a fresh battery and I also had a spare one giving a total of 1,050 shots. If I turned off the LCD, engaged eco mode (whatever that might be) and only shot jpgs. I could double that.

Now let’s go back to the pre-bronze age. What camera did you use. A Kodak Sportsman (no women in those days) which my sister used or how about a Kodak Autographic; one of which I proudly own (google it).

The most practical of these old cameras that I still possess is a Zeiss Ikon , which took 12 shots on 120 film. In other words, the negative was 6cm square (actually 56mm X 56mm). How many shots did I take in a day. Well, for one thing it was expensive to run, another was the difficulty in taking the picture and getting it correctly exposed, then you had to develop the film and eventually print it. So all in all maybe 6. With transparencies maybe I would shoot a roll a week. On holiday perhaps 5 rolls. I was astonished when another member of the club (older and wiser) said that he shot 10 rolls of film on a fortnights holiday. 10 rolls, what extravagance!  Anyway, my annual rate was therefore 24/36 exposures a week on average plus maybe 5 rolls on holiday that’s approximately 1,500 or rounding off to the nearest whole number (as my maths master used to say) 4 pictures a day.  

So let’s think about that for a moment, I potentially now have the opportunity to shoot 2,000 pictures a day compared to 4 pictures a day. Have we moved on or is it quantity rather than quality. Answers on the back of a £1 note if you can find one.  


Welcome to GCC’s new and exciting 2018/19 season

The summer is almost over and we have had our first meeting of the season, in a new and modern venue, Pineholt Village Hall. I hope you did not have a problem finding your way there or of parking. We will all find it a little strange at first as we get used to a new arrangement of the seats and coffee and tea facilities. Overall I am sure that we will find it a great improvement compared to the old Elmscroft building which was getting very tired. Following the first meeting we have already received some thoughts regarding improvements and we will try to make things a little better for you. One major concern is the quality of projected images. The new Pineholt projector is found to be wanting in almost every area. It will be fine for general information but sharpness, colour and contrast do not come up to the best that can be achieved. There are some possible ways forward:

1. Use  our original projector which is true HD. However it has always proved a little dark and since the time I successfully applied for a grant from the national Lottery to buy this and a laptop,  8 years have elapsed. If we cannot get this working to everyone's satisfaction we have a few options.

2. Buy a Canon Xeed LCOS projector. This is the projector of choice and is used by the MCPF, Cheltenham Camera Club and Bristol Photographic society. The images are top notch and cannot be beaten with current Technology.  Everything else pales in comparison. Unfortunately the cost is around £4000. Too much for our current budget.

3. Apply for another grant from Awards For All (National Lottery)

4. Explore purchasing a cheaper HD projector

All these avenues will be explored by the members of the committee on your behalf.

You will already have been using the new and much improved club website. The aim has been to make the website easier to use and easier to update. So there should be no excuse for not having up to date information on the site in the future. We must thank Ellen for all her hard work in redeveloping the site. Please can we have your feedback on the site.

We are very fortunate that Hucclecote Parish Council, who are responsible for the hall, are allowing us to have permanent storage space for all the equipment we need to run the club. We have bought two new storage cupboards that were fitted into the hall’s storage area last week. We have to be very grateful for this as most camera clubs don’t have on site storage facilities.

A major problem has been to replace the print display racks to fit in the hall. You may recall that the racks at Elmscroft were purpose built to fit on the stage – unfortunately these racks are of no use at Pineholt. After much thought two of your Committee members have built print display racks. Special thanks to David Whittle and John Bishop  for designing and constructing the new racks.  The design uses the hall’s picture rail from which to hand print racks. So far we have built 4 racks giving over 13m of display rail. The only permanent features are 8 small support hooks screwed to the picture rail. The stands are design to be disassembled for storage and then quickly assembled and hung for use. You will see theses in action during the first Competition.

We were pleased to see the two Gills back.  Gill Uren had a serious accident requiring her to be in hospital for a few days. Gill is still recovering with Alan’s support and Angela visited Gill to give her our best wishes and to deliver a card and pot plant. We wish Gill and Alan well and hope to see them continue to attend the club meetings.  Gill Poppleton has returned after some years away from the club and we welcome her back. ( See programme for The Ron Poppleton APAGB DPAGB Retrospective on 9th October)

It is not only a new season with a new venue but we are also making other changes, which are covered below:

1. To meet the requirements of the new law for data protection we have produced a membership form for all members to sign that gives the club permission to use your data for limited club purposes only.

2. The Friday monthly technical meetings will be reorganised. These meetings ran out of steam at the end of last year. After some thought, the Committee have decided to try a new and more inclusive format. The idea is to enable members to get together, on a Friday evening, to discuss photography, raise technical matters and socialise with members. We are asking you to be positive about the idea, participate and see if it develops into a worthwhile forum. The information about these is now on the website and will be coordinated and run by Ellen Badat. The initial meetings will be of particular interest to new members who are trying to get to grips with their equipment.


Later in the year there  will be a structured series of talks on Photoshop and Lightroom organised by Mark Kemp. These meetings will depend on the number of people who wish to attend. So please indicate your interest to him

Overall it has been an interesting summer break and now that you have had a chance to see some of the activities of members at the first meeting I am sure that you can’t wait to see the rest of the seasons offerings in accordance with the programme so ably put together by Bob Train.

Can I just leave you with a few pithy words from a well know photographer.

You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” ― Ansel Adams

Good shooting to you all

Bob Harding, Acting Chairman

New Season

Gloucester Camera Club starts its new season at the Pineholt Village Hall on Tuesday 4th Sept starting at 7:30 pm (open at 7:00pm) We look forward to seeing all existing members and visitors are also welcome.

This evening members will have the opportunity to present their work from the various Club outings and their own trips during the summer. You may be inspired by the various interpretations of the pictures taken on location. 

Please bring along a memory stick or card if you would like to share your pictures.

In addition members can hand in their entries for the Annual Exhibition.

We look forward to seeing you.

We will be back soon!

The new Gloucester Camera Club season starts on Tuesday 4th September at our new home, Pineholt Village Hall.

Look forward to seeing you there!